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Kellie McKenzie Bath course


"Many thanks for your feedback that has made me feel a lot more confident. Actually the whole course that you and Steven delivered, taught me things that I didn't know that I knew, if that makes sense, thank you both for providing me with the tools to pursue a career in the civilian supply chain sector."


Tom Muyambi Bath Course


"Thank you both again for making the experience a very pleasant one.  The course left me well inspired considering the reasons behind my attendance at the start.

I believe attendance on this course will prove a very worthwhile use of my time.  The information conveyed   through the 4 modules I found very relevant for practical application.  I consider myself as well informed in valuing and appreciating a lot of the day to day activities that I often had question about or took for granted.  Of note however was the quality of the instructors whom I found to be very approachable and had in them a wealth of experience which they were willing to share and use in order to make sense of concepts and tools introduced through the course.   This affable and approachable nature of the instructors was by far the most valuable aspect of the course.  Having said all of the above, the 4 weekend modular way of completing the course was tough and prospective students must ensure enough time is allocated to  complete it with little stress. Comments on how to improve this structure I felt were well received and  should assist the next courses."


Claire Brown 


"Many thanks to you and Mark for all your help over the last few weeks. It was a great course, extremely well delivered and I think will be incredibly useful in my career development" 



Richard Casement  Bath Course


"It would be remiss of me if I didn't thank you both for everything you did for me during my resttlement. This not only applies to the instructing but also extends to all the behind the scenes activity which I don't obviously see, that important work goes a long way to peicing everything together to produce the fantastic course package which was delivered. Without your help I would not feel as confident about the future as I do now, I can't wait to put my newly acquired knowledge into practice when I do get a job."   




Brett Davies


"Mark and Steven you  both are definitly an individual who values and helps service leavers and do what you's do for the right reasons, this was more than evident duing the modules that you both taught, so I would like to take this oppotunity to thank you  both for a fantastic cousre and your input as i didn't get the chance to let you know before you left. I have found my appeitite to learn once again and that is completley down to you  both and the inspiration that you both are, so for that I thank you and fingers crossed I will continue on the academic development."



          Steven - 07790740941

            Mark - 07740508874