The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport



The  CILT(UK)  Level  5  Professional  Diploma  in  Logistics  and  Transport  is  designed  to enhance new and existing expertise in the supply chain, passenger transport, road freight or transport planning environments as well as developing core management skills.


The qualification comprises a mandatory unit and learners must complete three option units, at least one of which must be chosen from Option Units Group 1.



Management in Logistics and Transport

This  unit  presents  the  fundamental  management  knowledge  required  of  managers  in  the logistics  and  transport  industry.  It  covers  aspects  of  the  internal  and  external  structures  of organisations,  the  governance  of  the  people  within  organisations  and  those  financial  and other planning techniques necessary to maintain organisational health. It aims to deliver the understanding  and  competence  of  those  key  elements  of  management  practice  that  are
fundamental to both commercial and non-commercial organisations.

Option Units - Group 1

Supply Chain Management
This   unit   introduces   the   main   principles,   concepts   and   practices   of   supply   chain management  and  covers  four  main  themes:  What  is  a  supply  chain  and  supply  chain planning? Why  is  it  important  in  any  business?  How  does  the  supply  chain  operate? What are the principles for supply chain improvement? Where appropriate, the global nature of the
supply chain will be emphasised.

Option Units - Group 2

Retail Logistics

This  unit  formulates  and  applies  principles  and  practices  of  supply  chain  management  toretailing  focusing  on  retail  logistics,  nationally  and  globally.  Key  elements  are  the  ways  inwhich  changes  in  society,  business organisation  and  retail  structures  have  impacted  upon logistics activity in retailing. 

Project Management

This  unit  deals  with  projects  and  the  elements  of  project management.  It  provides  learners with  the  knowledge  required  to  assess  feasibility,  design,  plan,  implement,  undertake, manage,  record  and  make final  assessment  of  projects  carried  out  in  a  controlled environment.  


Who the Level 5 qualification is for?

The  Level  5  Professional  Diploma  is  designed  for  professionals  already  working  within  the logistics  and  transport  sectors.  It  is  most  suited  to  those  who  are  aspiring  to  middle management  positions  in  specialist  functional  areas  such  as  supply  chain  management, transport  planning  or  transport  operations.   The  Diploma  is  also  suitable  for graduates  in other disciplines who are entering the sector for the first time. 


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