National Institute of Retail Technology and Commerce - NIRTC

NIRTC was founded in 2003 with a distinct focus on Regional, National, International and Humanitarian Procurement and Supply Chain strategic development, whilst facilitating a number of action research projects which continue to inform the thinking and key stakeholder development of supply chain management in collaboration with the leading industry sector professional organisations and awarding bodies.


At the Institute we value the stakeholder collaboration dynamic which enables the industry sector to explore emerging markets and enabling technologies, embedding a culture of innovation, succinctly integrated with the professional and personal development of Procurement and Supply Chain managers and key operatives.


Strategic Interdependence and Lean Six Sigma have changed the thinking in relation to the strategic development of the Procurement and Supply Chain Management environment creating a visibility of primary and secondary business process functions, enabling horizontal and vertical integration whilst drawing a focus on the DMAIC process of continuous business improvement. 


The Institute is also passionate about the Continued Personal and Professional Development CPPD, of the human resource across the entire Procurement and Supply Chain functionalities, focusing on strategic stakeholder relationship, ethical procurement and supply operations, corporate social responsibility, risk management, sector specific competency frameworks, sector codes of practice.


NIRTC also strives to ensure the Procurement and Supply Chain culture is seamlessly integrated into organisational culture and centred on adding value to organisations, through effective and efficient CAPEX, OPEX, investment appraisals. The value add integration embedded within outbound logistics, marketing, manufacturing and retail logistics exploring emerging markets whilst incorporating enabling technology developments, mobile applications 3PL and 4PL synergies.


The development of the third sector supply management environment is consistently being driven by the continuing demand for improvement within the humanitarian logistics arena. Globalisation and E-fulfilment are having a huge impact on the strategic Procurement and Supply Chain management development process.


NIRTC continue as one of the market leaders with a passion to make a significant contribution to the development of the Regional, National, International and Humanitarian Procurement and Supply Chain strategic development, whilst leading action research projects in order to continue to inform the thinking and key stakeholder development of supply chain management.



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