The current courses available for enrolment are:

CILT Level 5 Diploma


Aimed at candidates who have already embarked on or who are planning a career within Supply Chain Management. 


This is the Institutes most popular programme.


In addition to enhancing expertise in the Supply Chain discipline, it is also designed to help build and develop core management skills.


This flexible qualification allows candidates the opportunity to study subjects that are most appropriate to their interests, their current or planned role and their career path.


The course is comprised of four individual units:


- Management

- Supply Chain Management

- Retail Logistics

- Project Management


This qualification is recognised as Level 5 on the Regulated Qualification Framework RQF




           Forecast of courses year Commencing


                         Jan - Dec 2023                           



                     Course Details: (12 day ) - CILT Level 5 Diploma


                        (Location - NIRTC Training Centre Aldershot)


                            Mon 13th  -  Sat 25th  Nov 2023


During this course you will participate in focused workshops for 12 consecutive days, enabling you to develop your understanding of the commercial supply chain management business environment leading to the successful completion of the CILT Level 5 Diploma, during the course you will be facilitated the opportunity to be assessed using an array of methods, complemented with a project management approach, where you will Define, Measure, Analyse, Implement and Control - three projects as part of your assessments. 


In summary -  Please download the 'Q' Card below for more details



(This course will be the final delivery of


the current CILT Level 5 Diploma - and is


dependant on minimum of 8 participants )








CILT Level 5 Professional Diploma Q Card
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